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Make  love a creation, and life becomes art

What is Tantra?


Tantra is a "Sanskrit" word that can be translated to mean "weaving". A set of teachings and practices that originated in ancient Hindu and Buddhist cultures of India and Tibet, Tantra views the material world as a manifestation of the Divine.  Everything is accepted and connected--woven together.  By consciously uniting perceived opposites (male and female, light and dark) human beings can transcend dualism and know that all is one. Tantra weaves together sensuality and spirit.  The goal of Tantra is to allow us to experience more depth and breadth in every aspect of our daily lives. 


Tantra is not goal oriented; the point is to feel.  Most of the exercises related to Tantra involve slowing things down, trying not to focus on our external body, or anything outside of our experience of the moment.  A Tantric experience involves conscious breathing, muscle contraction exercises, sound, visualization, meditation, sensual touch, creating a sacred loving space, and sacred spiritual rituals.  The goal becomes increased awareness leading to greater understanding of  ourselves, which eventually leads to enlightenment.  Tantra teaches the importance of conscious awareness, of living totally within your actions.  By focusing attention on your body and your mind, you become all-around healthier.

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