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Honoring your Sacred Feminine

For Women only. In this 90 minute one on one session you will learn how to connect with and honor the Goddess within yourself. Release any self-conscious and negative feelings about your body and embrace the powerful, sensual, and beautiful woman you are. Let our skilled practitioner take you on a journey where you can safely explore and truly love the Sacred Feminine you embody.

A Tantra session with any of our goddesses will support you in opening to your power, magnificence, and radiance.  You will begin to let go of negative self-talk and judgement from yourself and society and instead open to radical self-love and acceptance of your mind, spirit, and body.  You will learn powerful Tantra techniques for love, healing, and peace.  In addition, you will have the amazing experience of being unconditionally loved and pampered as a Goddess by a Goddess simply for being you! 

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